Memory waterlily mattresses:

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From specific and recent industrial processes, memory mattresses are bred with other materials, such as waterlily that ennoble the mattress with special qualities.

Precisely the Waterlily is a compound obtained from BIOPOLYMERS containing water and RAW MATERIALS derived from NATURAL AND RENEWABLE SOURCES.

Non-toxic raw materials are suitable for coming into contact with the human body. Among these, we remember, in addition to soy, also a mix of ESSENTIAL OILS of medicinal herbs which, as shown by the studies carried out, exercise a relaxing property suitable for helping sleep.

Mattresses made with BIOMATERIALS are often referred to as Bio Mattresses. This does not mean that you can eat. The term should not be understood in the meaning of “Bio food”, but in its meaning with reference to the raw materials that come into play in production so a mattress that has a noble and totally NATURAL and COMPATIBLE origin.

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Beyond ergonomics:

Memory is certainly a type of mattress that has made of ERGONOMICS, or rather of a particular aspect of ergonomics, its strong point. Or perhaps the opposite has happened, since the “Memory Newness” seems to be on everyone’s lips, another hypothesis based could be that the catalyst, the essence of many arguments concerning it are, in the end, largely due to its material presence, precisely to that unmistakable materiality with which it caresses and absorbs the human body during rest.

The latter property which some people mistakenly call Ergonomics, but which seems to be the driving force of the arguments that put it in the spotlight. Comments are wasted on the type of contact the body has with the memory and not finding a more suitable way to present it is summarized by saying that it is a mattress with strong ergonomic qualities.