Cheap foam mattresses for your holiday home:

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If you discover that it is time to renew one or more of the rest equipment of your vacation home, a good alternative is the cheap foam mattresses. If you are lucky enough to have a house to go on vacation, every year you will see yourself in the position of reviewing the equipment.

One of the things whose condition has to be checked are mattresses. Generally, suffer less wear than mattresses commonly used, but we also usually purchase mattresses of lower quality, so that durability is diminished.

Foam mattresses are usually made of polyurethane or polyester foam. The different mattresses are differentiated by the density of the foam and the height of the mattress.

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The density is measured in kilograms per cubic meter. The higher the density, the higher the quality of the mattress and the greater resistance to wear.

When looking for cheap foam mattresses you should never buy mattresses with densities below 25 kilograms per cubic meter and a minimum thickness of 18 centimeters. They are not going to be your usual mattresses but still, they have to be comfortable enough so that the holiday rest is repairing.

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The benefits of foam mattresses:

For many years foam mattresses had a very bad reputation, and rightly so the materials that were used were very bad and the comfort that was obtained, scarce. Over time, technology has allowed materials to improve in strength and resilience, and we can have cheap foam mattresses very comfortable and durable.

In addition, sleeping on a foam mattress has benefits for our rest and our health that should not be ignored.

Joint comfort:

The foam mattresses are soft and adaptable, which favors a rest without pressure. The joints rest, relieving the overload they suffer during the day.

Good level of relaxation:

Many people prefer foam mattresses to sleep because they say they feel more relaxed. Obviously, this is something totally subjective, but it is worth taking into account.